A nap is one of the greatest things in the world!!!  I just woke up from a nap.  I feel so much better now!!!  I had a little bit of chicken and some fresh cherries and some water, too.  My naps are not the 20-minute variety.  I tend to nap somewhere between an hour and a half to two hours.  The reason that naps are so great is that everything looks better after a nap!  Overwhelmed?  Take a nap!!!  Sleep is a wonderful thing.  I was really grumpy earlier and nothing was going according to my plan for the day as far as climbing went.  After my nap and a little snack, I feel entirely different.  I don’t have that burnt, I-got-forced-out-of-bed-too-soon feeling anymore.  My schedule this morning was not as routine as usual, and it threw me off.  I still wish I would’ve gotten to climb today, but it’s not the crisis that it was a few hours ago.  I love naps.  Naps are good.  Naps can fix a lot of things…

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