7th-graders and 7-year-olds…

I went to the climbing gym today after seeing my doctor and having a bite to eat.  I must admit that I’m not feeling all that well today.  My body is mad at me for putting it through this med change business and is not adjusting as quickly as I would like it to.  I did make it to the gym, though, and waited for Emily to get there to perhaps make me laugh or somehow light my spark today.  As soon as she arrived, several little kids arrived.  I decided to go to the bathroom.  Standing outside the bathroom door, I could hear multiple young male voices using all sorts of profanity in a loud fashion.  They were in the bathroom for quite some time, and I patiently eavesdropped on their somewhat-coherent juvenile conversation.  All of a sudden, the door flew open and three of the four that were in there came out quickly, propping the door open and leaving the fourth behind.  The fourth boy had his clothing strewn about the floor in the bathroom and his phone on the floor beside the toilet, etc.  He walked out to the front desk and exchanged one pair of rental shoes for another.  With the bathroom door propped wide open, he sat down on the toilet seat in the bathroom and took his time putting on his rental climbing shoes.  He gathered his junk up off of the floor at a leisurely pace and on his way by me upon exiting the bathroom said, “Sorry, Ma’am.”  Not the impression to leave with me today, Mr. Knee-High-Marijuana-Leaf-Socks.  I used the restroom and then went back into the gym.  By that time, four 7-year-olds had taken over the walls that the four 7th-graders had not.  It was chaos.  Utter chaos.  I felt like running out of the gym screaming.  What happened to my noon-time lull during which it was always so pleasant to climb???  Not happening today, obviously.  I’m glad I’m going climbing outdoors tomorrow.  Emily and I packed up and left.  When I got home, my husband drove me to the Dollar Store and I bought a case of six 1-gallon water jugs to take along climbing tomorrow at Natural Bridge.  I just hope it’s quiet there…

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