Climbed today!!!

I climbed at the climbing gym today.  It was cool in there compared to the 105 degrees that the temperature gauge in my truck was displaying!  I got in the gym, got my climbing shoes on right away, then had some hesitation.  I sat at the table reviewing my climbing goals for today.  Emily came in about a half an hour later, and within 15 minutes of her arriving, 12 or more little kids from some summer camp came in and bounced all over the place the entire time I was trying to climb.  Brian and I went out and looked at some stickers from Friction Labs that McKenzie and Michelle were giving away.  Brian liked the “big angry purple monkey” sticker (he’s a little color-blind, because it was a blue gorilla, but at least he had the angry, stern look correct, haha!).  He was poking fun at me because I chose a unicorn sticker.  I use Friction Labs Unicorn Dust chalk, so it made sense to me to pick out a unicorn sticker.  “They’re just going to think you’re into unicorns.  A little princess or something.”  Okay, angry purple monkey man!  Them’s fightin’ words!!!  Michelle and McKenzie dug out the rest of their stash of stickers and let Brian and Emily and I pick through them.  We came away with some awesome stickers!  I actually climbed today amidst all the chaos, too.  That was impressive considering what the last week has been like in terms of anxiety!  So I’m back in the game…

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