Climbing indoors yesterday and leaving with a new cap

Well, first of all, I managed to enter the climbing gym, which was impossible the day before yesterday.  I brought my secret weapon along, though – the AJ!!!  AJ was off work early, so we went climbing at SteepWorld.  He had not been there just to climb in a couple of months, so he was like a kid in a candy store!  It helped to have him there, anxiety-wise.  He helped me figure out a couple of ways to get a little farther on a purple V2 on the right beefcake wall.  He even gave me a power spot (which really takes some muscle!), haha!  I worked on a blue V1 on the face wall , too.  I knew what I had to do, but actually executing the moves was the hard part.  I’ve GOT to GET IN SHAPE!!!  That will be another miracle, but it will happen.  It WILL happen.  I WILL make sure of it!!!  I love climbing, and the pursuit of progress in climbing requires weight loss, among other things.  It’ll all come together.  I know it will!  I had a good time climbing.  It wasn’t busy at all when AJ and I showed up.  We were ready to leave when it did.

Jim brought in some of the new SteepWorld Climbing and Fitness caps.  I found one that they said looked good on me and bought it.  It has a new logo, which is okay, but I prefer the old one.  Just me?  Maybe.  That’s okay.  Anything I wear that has the old logo on it will be true vintage, and I love vintage!  Another plus, besides a new cap and vintage wear, is that I can now wash my old cap.  It desperately needs a good cleansing!!!  So I’ll wear my new (almost) hunter orange and grey cap for a while!  Michelle said I needed something that really pops, so that’s the one I decided on.  Jim was wearing an identical cap, so why not?  If the boss likes it, I’ll go with it!  I think it looks good on me!

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