To The Ovens!!!

AJ, Emily, a friend of AJ’s, and I are going up to The Ovens near Red Lodge to climb today. Hopefully it doesn’t get above the 85 degrees it says it’s going to and the wind stays around the 11mph that’s predicted.  Most of all, though, I hope that the percent-chance of precipitation drops to 0% instead of being 20%, but the 20% today basically means afternoon thundershowers.  That could mean lightning.  We’ll see.  Any way you look at it, though, we’re going to have a great time!  AJ’s friend hasn’t climbed much and hasn’t climbed in a while, so we’ll be “showing him the ropes” (literally) some, I’m sure.  That’s usually quite fun – showing people how to do new things or helping them progress.  It gives that sense of accomplishment and achievement to everyone involved, which I like.  I cleaned out and rearranged my truck so that all four of us can fit inside the cab.  Nobody has to be strapped to the roof (kidding!), haha!  I love having a shortbed 4×4 crew cab truck with a toolbox!  Best thing ever!  With the exception of climbing and psychotropic medications and a great doctor and…  Well, I guess there are better things to have, but it’s nice to have, nevertheless!  We take so many things for granted, but that’s for another blog post…

So, it should be interesting to figure out the personality of AJ’s friend.  As far as I know, neither Emily nor I have met him.  I just hope he has a sense of humor.  That always makes things more relaxed, especially when you’re making jokes about rock climbing and learning new things.  It shall be an adventure!!!  Updates pending!!!

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