Going to The Island!!!

Just outside Cody, Wyoming is a series of three tunnels.  Just before the third tunnel is a climbing area off to the side of the highway called The Island.  I love this place!  It is mostly granite, with some basalt, and is a fantastic little paradise to climb at!!!  I did my first dyno ever there!  AJ, Emily, and I are going there today for a relaxation sensation.  All three of us need to get away and do some outdoor climbing.  ‘Tis the season!!!  It’s actually going to be the coolest of the spots we’ve gone climbing thus far this summer.  Today, it’s just going to be hot everywhere, but this little alcove is mostly in the shade for the entire day!  Zero-percent chance of precipitation, 7mph breeze, and a high of 84 degrees with sunny skies…that’s what we’ll be dealing with for weather.  Now, if all of that turns out to be true, it should be a great day!  Even if it didn’t get up to 84 degrees, I wouldn’t be upset at all!!!  (Wink).  I’ll have to remember my sunscreen today!!!  I am toying with the idea of taping my ankle this morning before we leave so that I don’t end up overdoing it on the crag…  It would interfere with the fit of my climbing shoes, but it would also protect my ankle when I get at odd angles with it.  Regardless, I’m taking ample numbers of tape rolls just in case!  You can never have too much tape!!!  I also need to gas up, get some water, and make sure my truck is clean enough to live in for a few hours there and back.  My truck is not the most organized place in the world, but I don’t like people to have to sit with empty bottles and cans at their feet.  I think it’s rude, personally.  I respect AJ and Emily so much and I want them to be as comfortable as possible in my truck and with me.  I want them to know that I hold them in high regard.  So, off we go to The Island with updates, as usual, pending…

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