Two buses, 40 kids, and a rain check until 1500 hrs

Yesterday, I showed up at my usual time of noon to climb at my local climbing gym.  Michelle warned me right away when I walked in that I had a half an hour to prepare myself for 40 camp kids to show up.  She had the same short notice that I did, because they didn’t pre-book an event.  They had just called a few minutes earlier.  “Be warned,” Michelle said as lightly as she could, as she rushed around trying to make preparations for 40 kids.  Emily was standing there with me and encouraged me to come into the gym and at least sit and spend some time with her instead of bolting out the door (which is exactly what I felt like doing at that moment).  So I stayed for a bit.  Brian showed up and I told him he had 20 minutes to climb before 40 kids arrived.  “How many?!”  Brian changed back into his work clothes and left, but not before I did.  I decided to leave the minute Michelle said, “I see them.”  Two Parks & Recreation busloads of kids were standing outside the door of the climbing gym, pasting their faces all over the glass door and windows.  I opened the door to leave without care as to whether any of them were in the path of the swinging door.  None of them were (which is good, because I would’ve felt bad if I had hit one of them in the head with the door, but not for long).  They had ruined a climbing day that I desperately needed through their inconsiderate act of not calling ahead and booking a time.  Thanks a lot.  I really appreciate you ruining my day further, I thought.  You would think that the adults involved would say to themselves, or possibly to each other, “Hey, let’s maintain good relations with the community and call ahead to this local business so that we don’t disrupt everybody’s whole game plan with 40 rambunctious little camp kids by showing up hardly announced…”  Evidently, nobody thought of that.  That would be considerate.  But who knows what that is anymore???

I went home and finished terraforming Mars on TerraGenesis.  I was so excited!  At least my entire day hadn’t been ruined.  Later, I decided to call the climbing gym and see if the horde had left.  McKenzie answered and told me that the gym wasn’t very busy and that yes, the kids were gone.  I went to the climbing gym because I needed to climb.  Brian showed up shortly after I did, which was funny.  He laughed when he saw me.  “We’ll try it again,” he said.  I climbed for a bit longer and then called it good.

I can’t wait to go climbing with AJ and Emily at The Island tomorrow!!!  I truly hope the weather holds and we get some good quality outdoor climbing in.  I need some.  Trust me, I need some!!!  Emily and AJ do, too!!!

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