TerraGenesis: Mars

After successfully terraforming the Moon, biosphere collapse and all, I have turned my attention to terraforming Mars for the last few days.  I’m very close to a breakthrough that will allow habitability for human beings outside the Hab Units and Complexes.  I just have to get the oxygen down a bit.  Oxygen tends to get out of control really quick for some reason when you’re trying to manage all of the other factors on TerraGenesis.  But, scientifically speaking in the real world, it would, too.  That’s why I like this game.  It’s based on simplified real scientific factors that affect each other and scientific laws that govern temperature, pressure, atmosphere, water, gas exchange, other support-of-life factors, chemistry, and physics. I enjoy it because I feel like it is something that takes brain power and management both while being fun and semi-realistic.  You can set your level of difficulty.  I love that you can take image shots of your planet/moon at different terraforming phases and store them as photos.  It gives the game a realism that makes it even more endearing.  You actually feel responsible for this planet and the well-being of the life upon it.  Mars is habitable for plants and microbes right now, and will soon (as soon as I get the oxygen under control) be habitable for animals and humans.  I’m working on increasing the biomass so that they all have something to sustain them when they are able to step out of the Hab Units, etc.  I have a coral reef on Mars!  I’m taking it much slower this time because of the biosphere collapse that I had to fix on the Moon when I was terraforming it.  That was my first attempt.  This second attempt is going rather smoothly, albeit much more slowly (days and hours longer).  I like that this game is in real time, too.  It’s just intense enough that you check things regularly, much like a scientist would, but not so intense that your time is completely consumed by it.  It is good for distress tolerance and emotion regulation for me.  When I’m upset, I think, “Well, I’ll just go work on my planet and see what I can upgrade…or just look at it from orbit and think how beautiful it is!”  TerraGenesis is a really awesome game and is well worth putting in a few bucks to unlock the whole gamut of planets available for terraforming.  I’m loving this!  It’s helping me get through my ankle injury and a lot of social stress that I’m feeling right now.  I take my iPad to the climbing gym with me so that I can goof around with my terraforming efforts during breaks or on off days.  I would encourage you, if you like science and nature and space, oh, and a challenge, to check this game out!

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