Have you ever found it hard to wait?

Lead Inversion

Climbing is definitely my passion in life, as is being happy.  The two go together like a hand and a glove for me and I’ve been happy for the last few days going to the climbing gym and sharing Emily’s climbing experiences with her while my ankle heals for the last three days.  Today, I’m feeling the itch.  It’s a cautious itch, though – one that comes with a warning to be extremely careful if I do any climbing today because I don’t want to interrupt my ankle’s steady healing process.  It causes a dilemma.  Do I follow the itch to climb and risk messing up the healing process, or do I wait an extra day and see how it feels tomorrow?  The weekend is coming and all climbing locations look absolutely fabulous in terms of weather forecasts!!!  That’s a motivating factor to get back on the wall, too.  Saturday is going to be perfect in Cody, Red Lodge, Big Timber, and even Ten Sleep (which we’re not ready for yet because that’s definitely going to be a two-day trip)!  They say that patience is a virtue.  I’ve never prayed for patience – do you know what kind of horrific trials you’d have to go through to get the kind of patience that would be expected of a devout disciple of any religion?!  Uh-uh.  Not into that kind of pain!  Nothing good comes without hard work, and I’m convinced that patience is no different in that regard.  I have to say that I’ve been very patient with this injury for the last three days, though.  I’ve been content to feel the progress in healing and to share Emily’s climbing experiences for that period of time.  We’ve had some great and lively conversations about climbing over the past few days!  Emily called me last night and told me that she was going to take it easy at the climbing gym today because her wrist was having a bit of a flare-up with the tendonitis.  The consensus was that we could traverse a bit together and see how our injuries felt on the wall as we gingerly tested them out today.  This morning, I feel like that would be a good idea.  My ankle feels strong enough to traverse, or at least try, in order to see where my injury’s at in the healing process (and what exactly is injured!).  I don’t even know the full extent of the injury! 🤕  Hopefully it’s nothing extensive!  We shall see…  Carefully!!!  😜😎

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