Going climbing in Shoshone Canyon

Shoshone Canyon, here we come!!!  In a few short hours, AJ and I will be headed for Cody, WY and into Shoshoni Canyon, playing “Malaguena” as we leave Billings, for some more “#climbtimeprimetime”, as AJ puts it!  I don’t really get the whole “hashtag” thing.  It’s actually called a “pound” sign, and is used to indicate pounds, abbreviated lbs. or a number designation, if you want the history lesson on it.  That shows my age.  Anyway, enough of the indications that the educational system has gone horribly wrong and is rewriting history for its own dastardly future plans for the brainwashed youth of the world.  I’d rather talk about climbing right now.  Education’s a rant for another time.

So there’s this route that AJ sent last Saturday called “In With The New”, a 5.8 with 11 bolts that’s 95′ tall.  It’s called something different on the local map, but that’s neither here nor there to me.  It’s a dihedral that switches midway from a left dihedral to a right dihedral.  The history on it is that it was a little-climbed and overgrown dangerous mess of a trad climb until a fellow cleaned it up and bolted it just 15 months ago to make it a four-star sport climb.  AJ was very pleased with it.  I’m not going to try it today, but someday, I will send that route.  It looked like a lot of fun.  It’s in the Island Area, which is beautiful.  I love the granite there, too!  I’m going to project on a 5.8 route called “Feeling All Right”, which has a little bit of every type of climbing within the route.

In our travels last weekend, I found out that Cody (and Shoshone Canyon) is closer than Bozeman to drive to.  That struck me as odd.  I didn’t know we were that close to awesome granite!  Granite.  That’s another thing.  Granite is nicer to climb on – so far – than sandstone or dolomite or limestone.  Sandstone is like going through a sand storm in the Arabian Desert, limestone is very sharp and pokey, and dolomite is in-between the two of those.  Granite, however, is very solid, semi-smooth, and produces some fantastic holds for both hands and feet.  It is unique.  I’m sure it has its negative aspects, too.  I’m not trying to say that granite is king in the rock world and everything else is dung – not at all!  These are just some observations that I can make at my present level of experience with each one and what I have to compare them with.  I think climbing on gritstone – like that of the UK’s Peak District – would be interesting, as a comparison.  They call that “God’s own stone” or something like that.  I am curious how it would compare for me.  Until I win the lottery, though, I won’t be trying that out.  And you actually have to buy lottery tickets to have a chance at winning, as I understand it, which I don’t, so the chances of me winning the lottery are, well, zilch.  That’s okay.  I have plenty of climbing to do right in my back yard!

I finally received my climbing pants on the doorstep the day before yesterday, and they fit great!  I have to roll the pant legs up, but that’s nothing new.  I’m 5′ 2 1/2″ tall…what can I expect?  Anyway, these pants fit and feel great!  I ordered them before I made my decision that I was going to limit my new gear to ropes and absolute climbing essentials for a few months.  Emily’s still going to give me a hard time about it, haha! 😂 🤣 And that’s good.  It keeps me in line.  I hope these pants hold up, because I can sure move in them!  It’s nice to have clothing that doesn’t limit my range of motion.  My range of motion is limited enough as it is without the clothing issue thrown in!  I’m excited to try them out and see if they were worth the price I paid for them.  If so, then further inquiry into sales might be warranted…

I got some needle-nose pliers to tighten my harness belt with.  I’m going to see if that works better than fiddling with it trying to tighten it with my fingers for 20 minutes every time I put it on.  It ought to do something!  That way, maybe I can get things tightened up the way I want them, too.  It’s an awesome harness and very high quality, but it has some difficult adjustments to make (which hopefully means they are just as difficult to unmake, as in, they won’t work themselves loose).

Emily’s boyfriend is home and he’ll be gone for several months, so I figured she’s spending time with him, otherwise I would’ve invited her to go along today.  Even though she wouldn’t be able to climb because of the tendonitis in her wrist, she might enjoy taking photos or just hanging out and being part of the fun.  Actually, come to think of it, she’s in Helena at a wedding!  Oh, well.  Another time.  There will be plenty of them!  I want her to see my cool new duds, though!  And come and hang out!

As always, we’ll be as safe as possible, have as much fun as possible, climb as hard as possible, and come back exhausted, all in an effort to give you…updates pending!  Have a good day while we’re having ours!!! 😎

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