Fool, though I was, to think that I was over the bug

If you don’t want the rundown on my progress (or lack thereof) with getting over this bug, then read no further through this particular post.  This bug that I’ve had now for 16 days is a 21-day bug, from what my husband’s clients have been telling him.  And I’m feeling it this morning.  Cough.  Congestion.  Poo problems.  I’m hoping it was just a bad piece of reheated pizza last night and it’ll be over now.  It’s only 0715 hrs!  I’ve got plenty of time to recover before the climbing gym opens!  I’m going to take some severe cold & cough syrup and the rest had better be straightened out.  I have no tolerance for this kind of, well, you know…  This cough is really holding on tight!  I hate being sick!!!  It seems that I have periods of time when I’m better followed by periods of time when I’m definitely not.  I’ve run out of patience with this bug, though – that’s for sure!  This is not fun.  I just want to feel better so I can climb at a reasonable level and get on with my life.  This cough has gotten a lot better, but a few times a day, it reminds me it’s there.  The congestion is what gets me, too.  I hate not being able to breathe!  I guess that’s inherent in needing oxygen to stay alive, but I really don’t like having my sinuses all stuffed up!  The cold & cough syrup takes care of that really well, though.  I’ll be okay.  I’ll be okay.  I’m trying to convince myself…

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