First official blog post, feeling it out…


I am writing this first official post just a few days after the Montana Bouldering Championships 2017 held at Steep World in Billings, Montana.  Yes, Montana is a state in the Union – the one that gets omitted from all news and weather forecasts unless somebody dies in a particularly odd and tragic manner.  Odd and tragic.  Both conditions must be met.  Anyway, not to get too far off track right away, I climbed for four hours straight at this bouldering competition that happened last Saturday (04 Feb 2017) and did not send a single problem.  I sure tried hard, though, and I had a great time!  I won a Black Diamond Mojo chalk bag at the raffle (the cool one with the zippered pocket in back and the waterproof bottom).  The beverage, brewed by our very own head route setter, was particularly good, I hear.  I ordered a sandwich from Jimmy John’s and had it delivered instead of partaking in the pizza frenzy because pizza gives me heartburn.  Love pizza, hate heartburn…terrible choice to have to make.  My Big John sandwich with no tomato was great, though!  It really hit the spot after all that climbing!  I sat with my climbing buddy and watched the finals, which was a lot of fun, and the next thing I remember is rigor mortis on Sunday morning at 0433 hrs.  Truly.  I would have been convinced I had died except my entire body hurt so bad that I knew I was still among the living…the very sore living.  Stretching occupied much of my day on Sunday.  Monday rolled around and I went to the climbing gym for a light climbing day.  The next day, after climbing for four hours, I noticed the results roster.  I searched for my name…and I searched some more…and I searched.  I thought that there had been some mistake that my name was not on the list, or perhaps a kind gesture not to publish my score of the dreaded goose egg, so I inquired at the desk.  “Did you turn in a scoresheet?”  Yes.  “Do you remember your score?”  Zero.  “Oh, then that’s why you’re not on the list.”  WHAT?!  You left me off the list deliberately???  How could you do such a thing?  Just because I didn’t send anything doesn’t mean I wasn’t darn close on some or that I didn’t try my best!  I WAS HERE!!!  I solved the problem, though.  I took the results list with all the scores down, got my black pen out, and put my name at the top of the list with dashes in all the score boxes.  There.  All better now.  I was here, and now everybody can see that.  Yes, if you are wondering, I did end up calling my psychiatrist about that and having to have a coaching moment to straighten out my butt-hurt-ness, but it’s all in good therapy…and fun, right?  At this point, you will either continue to be interested in my blog or you will turn off your computer, pick up your phone, and call your own therapist.  This is the make or break point.  I realize that.  Do what you need to do, by all means, and have a great day!

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