Welcome to my tribe…

“Climb, An Iteration” by Chris Jones, Copyright 2016, all rights reserved

WELCOME!!!  I am so glad you are visiting!  This blog is many things, as I mentioned – therapy, goods, bads, probably some uglies, and most of all, a finger on the pulse of my life as a boulderer.  And yes, boulderer is a word.  I know.  You are saying to yourself, “‘Bouldering 2017’ isn’t going to be valid after 31 December of the year 2017…”  I want to put your mind at ease over this quandary.  It was an easy decision because that particular name on the list of blog titles was the free one.  It will be valid in the sense of inversely enjoying “Back To The Future”.  Those of you who remember that movie know what I mean.  In that respect, “Bouldering 2017” is timeless.  So ENJOY!!!  P.S. I’m glad you stuck around.

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